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About Cedar Rock

Beginnings of Cedar Rock

Cedar Rock will be Canada's/North America's first showcase community, designed and created by Cedar Rock Enterprises, CCC Ltd, one of British Columbia's/Canada's first Community Contribution Companies (CCC). Its mandate is to provide "healthy, organic, progressive, ecological, and ergonomic" buildings in a self-sufficient, self-contained, environmentally-oriented community that focuses on sustainable, regenerative, construction components and methodologies.

Cedar Rock is the brainchild of Edith Hogarth. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Edie ( as she is commonly referred ) was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in 2001. Edie decided to be pro-active and sought out logistical solutions that would potentially provide a healthier living environment for others not unlike herself, and anyone else desiring a safer place to live, work and play.

All products, programs and services utilized or offered in Cedar Rock meet the strict criteria essential for this healthy community to maintain its mandate. (See Cedar Rock's Sustainability Charter and Bylaws).

Edie's own global travel experiences and years of formal training in medicine, biology, speech pathology, research, lab technology, fine arts, dance, music therapy, classical music, education, finance, economics, furniture design, and classical Feng Shui practices, have been drawn upon for inspiration.

Cedar Rock has the potential to become an international destination point for anyone interested in quality of life issues, and living responsibly in tandem with the natural environment.

Her original H.O.P.E. Project, endorsed by the CMHC, was presented to BC Housing & Development, a Crown Corporation, in early 2010. They asked her to expand her Project and design an entire healthy community that would address the issues facing individuals and families coping with environmental-induced health conditions.

Specifically, Cedar Rock will provide all the necessary facilities, treatments, low-density accommodations, security, and life-long learning programs and employment opportunities for individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, mild to moderate Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, and anyone wanting an alternative, healthier, community-oriented life-style that allows individuals to live in harmony with the environment.

Welcome To Cedar Rock!

Edith Hogarth BSc - Founder, Designer &
Chair of the Cedar Rock Board of Directors