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Cedar Rock Furniture By Design Advisory Committee

Tony Shintani - Chair/Operations Manager

Tony Shintani was raised in Toronto, Ontario where he started learning the art of true custom upholstery at a young age, under the tutelage of his uncle. During his early working life, Tony trained in a cross-section of furniture companies in the Toronto area. Working along-side many highly skilled European craftsmen (who gave Tony the hands-on, practical training and theory that came with their many years of experience), Tony was taught how to craft beautiful pieces from frame to finished product.

In 1983, Tony moved west to Edmonton, Alberta, where he continued to develop his skills and expertise, always passionate about learning new and better techniques.

Since 1999, Tony has owned and operated his own upholstery business, Benchmark Upholstery, where he has not only focused on providing every client with fine pieces of new or reupholstered furniture, but also in educating them about the quality and workmanship that has gone into the construction of each their pieces.

With his years of experience, Tony has developed an extensive knowledge and familiarity with industry products, quality and features of the myriad of fabric and foam options, frame construction, and the differences in spring construction.

Tony ensures that his clients end up with a solid, beautifully reupholstered or custom-designed product that will stand the test of time. His new furniture collection consists of a cross-section of styles, all constructed from hardwoods, VOC-free foams, and organic fabrics.

Tony's other interests include Judo, snowshoeing, golfing, fishing, hiking, travelling through the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Leigh Anne Van Dusen, Co-Founder and General Manager, U.S. of OEcotextiles.


Leigh Anne Van Dusen received her MBA from American University in 1980. While working in the International Department of the Seattle First National Bank, she was involved in several multi-million-dollar financings before deciding in 1983, to stay home with her family and raise three boys. 

During this time, Leigh Anne participated in many school and community activities.  Leigh Anne helped revive the defunct Capitol Hill Community Council, and was instrumental in forming a neighborhood group, the Playyard Project, which in 1989 raised more than $68,000 from neighborhood donations to renovate the children's play area in Volunteer Park.  The project received $81,000 in matching funds from Seattle's Neighborhood Matching Fund program, and became a model for other citizen groups around the city.  

From 2001–2003, Leigh Anne chaired Lakeside School's "Rummage" project—a year-round volunteer effort to prepare for and staff two yearly fundraising sales. Her leadership enabled the committee to change venues and still raise more than $185,000, breaking previous sales records. 

In December 2003, Leigh Anne was given a sofa, and the search for fabric to cover it, led to the co-founding of O Ecotextiles, with her sister Patty Grossman. Together, they are changing the way textiles are being made, and proving that it is possible to have luxurious, beautiful fabrics that are safe, ethically and sustainably produced. Both have been studying fibers and fabrics ever since, and educating their customers.

The real world experiences in putting their collection together, coupled with extensive study and trial and error production, has made both Leigh Anne and Patty experts in issues of fabric sustainability.