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Communications/Transportation & Utility Advisory Committee

Graham Kaye-Eddie - Architect

Mr. Graham Kaye-Eddie excels in urban design, planning and development management of cities and communities of populations. Mr. Kaye-Eddie has an advanced degree in Architecture in the field of Urban Design and Macro Systems Engineering along with forty-six years of practical experience.

Graham has managed broad base assignments, taking multi-million dollar projects from conception to completion. He has a thorough familiarity with environmental rules, regulations related to land usage, building codes, high-rise construction, marine encroachment, and agri-business.

Graham is politically astute in dealing with government agencies, elected and appointed officials, and corporations. He also has considerable experience in the formation of inter-disciplinary teams to create villages, towns and cities.

Mr. Kaye-Eddie enjoys a worldwide reputation for creativity in defining client perceptions while translating them into reality.


  1. Provided CALTRANS with realistic options for five proposed on/off-ramps to service the north/west side of Downtown Los Angeles;
  2. Reversed the decision of Los Angeles County Transportation Commission to locate future Transit line through the area while convincing the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and their planning consultant to also build a south bound off-ramp from the Harbor Freeway to provide access to future development north of the freeway;
  3. City of Johannesburg Motorway System Concept with Dean John Fassler and Professor E.W.N. Mallows – University of Witwatersrand;
  4. City of Grand Forks Air Terminal Facilities with Professor Peter Kamnitzer;
  5. Expanded services of Photogrammetry at VTN;
  6. Invented surveillance method with VTN Planning Department toward utilizing video cameras in securing the rights-of-way on power corridors throughout Wyoming and Montana;
  7. Founding member of California Advanced Transportation System.



  1. Selected as All American for the United States Cricket Team in 1970.
  2. Represented the IAHLA on the Board of Registry and gave annual lectures to Qualify American Judges for the Pure Spanish Horse.
  3. In partnership with Lanys Kaye-Eddie in Gremlan Farms; http://www.gremlan.com/
  4. Designing, Drawing, Painting, Reading and Writing.