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Board of Directors

Edith Hogarth BSc - Founder, Designer & Chair of Cedar Rock Enterprises, CCC Ltd. Board of Directors

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Edith graduated from Austin O'Brian High School with Honors and went onto the University of Kansas to study Music Therapy/Music Education. She then returned to Edmonton to study Medical Laboratory Technology at N.A.I.T., and then complete her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Alberta in 1989. Other post-secondary educational pursuits completed with honors, included Advanced Wood Working & Furniture Design, Chartered Financial Planning, Education and Business Adminisration Management.

Edith has worked in various capacities in the areas of public relations, client services, administration, surgery, training and supervision for private, commercial, medical and government organizations.

Edith's extra-curricular activites, memberships, interests include:

• Participation in the Jack Mitchell 2x4 Challenge – Awarded $1000 First Prize for Woodworking Design in Alberta

• Member of the Performing Arts Committee Member at Royal Alexandra Hospital

• Researched, designed, presented Music Therapy Pilot Project for Royal Alexandra Hospital – Alzheimer's/Dementia

• Assisted in National Music Therapy Conference

• Participant in Medal Ball Showcase American Ballroom Dance Competition

• Hosted Finance Seminar for NAIT

• Participant in Johannes Strauss Polonaise

• Intitial Secretary for Alberta Heritage Festival; assisted in media conference

• Candidate supporting Julian Koziak in 1985 P.C. Leadership Convention

• Participated in cultural and linguistic program in Paris, France and Corsica

• Received numerous academic and music awards and participated in several linguistic (French) competitions

• Received First Class Honors Standing for Grade X Piano Royal Conservatory of Toronto; highest mark obtained in Edmonton in 1979

• Other interests include interior/garden design, gourmet cooking, swimming (Bronze Cross), sewing, hiking, sailing, playing piano, photography, reading, traveling (extensively in Canada, USA, Mexico, West Indies, Grenadines, England, Europe, Turkey, Africa, Israel, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Nelson McClelland - Director

Graduate in Nursing and Health Administration with 35 + years' work experience as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hospitals/Health Facilities; Senior Director with the Government of the NWT, Dept. of Health; Senior Policy Advisor with Strategic Directions Policy Branch, Alberta Health & Wellness and Senior Project Manager, City of Edmonton.

Graham Kaye-Eddie - Architect

Mr. Graham Kaye-Eddie excels in urban design, planning and development management of cities and communities of populations. Mr. Kaye-Eddie has an advanced degree in Architecture in the field of Urban Design and Macro Systems Engineering along with forty-six years of practical experience.

Graham has managed broad base assignments, taking multi-million dollar projects from conception to completion. He has a thorough familiarity with environmental rules, regulations related to land usage, building codes, high-rise construction, marine encroachment, and agri-business.

Graham is politically astute in dealing with government agencies, elected and appointed officials, and corporations. He also has considerable experience in the formation of inter-disciplinary teams to create villages, towns and cities.

Mr. Kaye-Eddie enjoys a worldwide reputation for creativity in defining client perceptions while translating them into reality.


  1. Master of Architecture in Urban Design, University of California Los Angeles, 1969.
  2. Bachelor of Architecture, University of Witwatersrand, Republic of South Africa, 1966.
  3. Continuing Professional Education: Public Policy, Real Estate; Finance, Transportation, Forecasting, Computer Systems, Marketing, Business Administration and Management;
  4. Associate Member or Member: American Institute of Architects, American Planning Association, Urban Land Institute, Futurist Society, American Management Association, American Society of Landscape Architects and Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


  1. Five small hexagonal performance house prototypes produced for manufacturing to distribute worldwide;
  2. A 7000 seat arena for the Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse World Cup Equestrian Games;
  3. Entry to Lower Manhattan Development Corporation – Innovative Designs for the World Trade Center Site;
  4. A conceptual future spatial study for Crocker National Bank consolidation of property and new business development, San Francisco;
  5. Designed Marina and Yacht Club adjacent to the Government Center in Doha, for the Emir of Quatar;
  6. Invented lightweight skin panel for use in 90 story high-rise pyramid governmental headquarters building for the Shah of Iran;
  7. African Explosives & Chemical Co Headquarters Office Building and Library;
  8. Anglo American Corporation Carlton Center Office/Hotel/Shopping/Parking;
  9. City of Springs Technical High School;
  10. United Building Society Office Building;
  11. Van Eyck Company – Sansome Office Building;
  12. Schindler Investments High Rise Apartments;
  13. S.A.Townships (Mining & Finance) Apartment Complex;
  14. Aronowitz Esq (Rivonia) Houghton Golf Course Apartments;
  15. Mr& Mrs. Hunter Residence Rivonia;
  16. Mr & Mrs. Muiman Residence Houghton;
  17. Mr & Mrs Ohrel Residence Tumacacori Arizona;
  18. Magnin’s – Stonestown, San Francisco Department Store;
  19. World Outreach Center, San Diego Church & Convention Center;


  1. Provided CALTRANS with realistic options for five proposed on/off-ramps to service the north/west side of Downtown Los Angeles;
  2. Reversed the decision of Los Angeles County Transportation Commission to locate future Transit line through the area while convincing the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and their planning consultant to also build a south bound off-ramp from the Harbor Freeway to provide access to future development north of the freeway;
  3. City of Johannesburg Motorway System Concept with Dean John Fassler and Professor E.W.N. Mallows – University of Witwatersrand;
  4. City of Grand Forks Air Terminal Facilities with Professor Peter Kamnitzer;
  5. Expanded services of Photogrammetry at VTN;
  6. Invented surveillance method with VTN Planning Department toward utilizing video cameras in securing the rights-of-way on power corridors throughout Wyoming and Montana;
  7. Founding member of California Advanced Transportation System.


  1. As Vice-President, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the parent Kuwait International Investment Company, controlled a $1.2MM annual budget for pre -development, design, planning and marketing.
  2. As Vice President for Perreira AIA managed a variety of Urban Design Projects both locally and internationally;
  3. Managed Urban/Regional Planning Division involved in providing information services on Urban Renewal, Airport Planning, Environmental Studies and Zoning Changes in Subdivision for Merchant Developers and Builders for Voorhees, Trindle and Nelson;
  4. From 1973-1975 was Director of Urban Planning for Environmental Systems International in Planning and Environmental Services Division;
  5. After Graduation At UCLA worked for Urban Laboratory Research at UCLA in1970;
  6. Empoyed by Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall in the Departments of Urban Economics and Urban Planning Division gaining experience in new town, community, ski resort, regional shopping centers, transportation planning and politics affecting projects.


  1. Served as Environmental Administrator for the City of Maricopa’s receipt of an application for a toxic waste incinerator;
  2. Directed Japanese Sanyo Oil Company’s acquisition of the Rolls Estate in Wales, Great Britain;
  3. Created and produced video marketing tools to gain financial interest in real estate investments which generated $40MM for the Pacific Center development;
  4. Developed computer program conveying three dimensional zoning change perspectives for land owners relating to their entitlements by zoning laws;
  5. The Brooklyn Army Terminal waterfront mixed-use project of 3 Million square feet;
  6. 220 acre mixed-use Specific Plan for the Channel Island harbor;
  7. Designed a 6,900 acre destination resort in New Mexico;
  8. Designed a 300 acre Master Plan for thoroughbred broodmare station in Ojai, California;
  9. Designed a 163 acre Master Plan for horse breeding ranch in Tumacacori, Arizona;
  10. Designed a new pattern of “cluster developments” in Florida and New Hampshire;
  11. Planned Marina in Sausalito, San Francisco;
  12. Master Urban Designer for land plans in the redevelopment areas of Delano, McFarland and Bakersfield;
  13. Created a facility Plan for Hall Ambulance with forecasted requirements for emergency ambulance distribution throughout Kern County;
  14. Land plan designs for the cities of San Fernando, Gonzales, Lemoore, Wasco and Panama Lane at Hwy 99;
  15. Land Planning/Urban design for a 255 acre highway commercial/industrial complex at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Seventh Standard Road, near Buttonwillow, Kern County, California;
  16. Completed the 3,000 acre Riverside Community Master Plan, Town Center and Village Design as consultant to Barry A Berkus for the Boxer Ranch at the intersections of S.R.708 and US 95, Florida;
  17. Completed land plan for edge communities for Euro-Disneyland En France around the communities of Magny – Le-Hongre, Serris, and Bailly –Romainvilliers;
  18. Completed 2,000 acre land plan for Coastal Community in Port St George, Manilla;
  19. Completed two 1920 Sq.Ft. tract house for Gary Lasater Construction;
  20. Created residential tract and model home for David Burich Construction;
  21. Provision of Management Services for Bakersfield Veterinarian Hospital and private residential design for two luxury residences with horse related facilities;
  22. Calculated and presented subdivision projections for land in Lake Tahoe purchased for $125,000 generating sale of property for $375,000.


  1. Assistant designer to Dean John Fassler and Professor E.W.N. Mallows for the new coal town of Sasolburg — Republic of South Africa;
  2. New Towns for the West side of the San Joaquin Valley; (with Professor Kamnitzer and The Urban Laboratory – UCLA)
  3. Managed an interdisciplinary technical team to design a new town and industrial complex near Douglas, Wyoming. Arrived at a cost of $1 billion, presenting plan to joint session of the Wyoming legislature. This plan was permitted however was not financed in the mid 1970’s by the Operating Companies Group; (with Voorhees, Trindle & Nelson, Irvine CA)
  4. Assisted urban design of the New City Center Doha – Quatar; (with William A Perreira AIA)
  5. Assisted with the Regional Plan for Orange County for Joan Irvine Smith (with William A Perreira AIA)
  6. Assisted with the University of Irvine California Master Plan; (with William A Perreira AIA)
  7. Managed the urban design of The Rosedale Villages Inc. between 1979-1981, for William Perreira, and as Vice President submitted required documents to gain approval from the Board of Supervisors in Kern County. This project is now complete and services a population of 9,500 citizens in Greater Bakersfield;
  8. Employed to Manage Development as Vice-President in Laborde Development Co. to plan and execute The Rosedale Villages, Inc., with a first phase community development to construct 80 acre, 250 single family unit residential tract within a 2,500 acre community development project with a $3.4MM budget for planning, construction, infrastructure costs and materials;
  9. Managed the urban design of SUZURANKO New Town project in Kobe prefecture- Japan; (with Environmental Systems Research Institute – Barry Berkus AIA – Santa Monica)
  10. Managed the urban design of WEST LAKE New Town Kobe 1- Japan; (with
  11. Environmental Systems Research Institute – Santa Monica and the Japanese Department of Transportation)
  12. Managed and guided interdisciplinary team that invented a manufactured home system for National Environmental System Technologies.


  1. Bakersfield College Lecturer in Construction Cost Estimation;
  2. Design Juror at UCLA and Sci Arc;
  3. Speaker at a variety of professional organizations;
  4. Sailed competitively in two South African Olympic Class Trial Categories – The Flying Dutchman and the Finn as Member of the Transvaal Yacht Club.
  5. Coach for the Kern County Rugby Football Club and Bakersfield Cricket Club.
  6. Toured with the UCLA Cricket Team to Canada and England.
  7. Selected as All American for the United States Cricket Team in 1970.
  8. Represented the IAHLA on the Board of Registry and gave annual lectures to Qualify American Judges for the Pure Spanish Horse.
  9. In partnership with Lanys Kaye-Eddie in Gremlan Farms; http://www.gremlan.com/
  10. Designing, Drawing, Painting, Reading and Writing.

Patrick - Director of Marketing

Patrick O'Kane has a broad array of experience in both marketing and graphic design: sales, managing groups, customer service, media analysis, market analysis, campaign marketing, cooperative advertising, radio scripting, and public speaking. Patrick is fluent in web languages such as css/html and php for designing websites and doing front end web development. Not restricted to web and digital design, Patrick also creates corporate identities and other various print media. Multi-Award Winner in Edmonton and around the world. Closing in on 15 years of experience in the industry, Patrick's work has been featured on various websites such as thedieline.com which is known as the top packaging/design website on the internet.

Work Experience

Nov. 2010 - Present | El Designo Inc. | Owner

Created design studio with business partner Marc Nipp. Have worked with various organizations including Finning, CBCF, NHL Chicago Blackhawks, NHL Calgary Flames, University of Alberta, Make-A-Wish, Gov. of Alberta, Enbridge, Capital Power, and MacEwan University just to name a few.

Oct. 2003 - Nov. 2009| Hype Marketing/Freckle Creative Agency | Creative Director

Worked on over 250 projects and numerous campaigns in Edmonton and surrounding communities that involved both print and website design. Advanced from junior designer to creative director within five years. In that time I had worked on many campaigns in and around Edmonton. From print design to website design I was able to work on over 250+ projects.

2001-2003 | N.A.I.T
Media Arts & Graphic Design - (Honors)

2000-2001 | MacEwan University Graphic Design - Website Design/Dev.

1999-2001 | N.A.I.T Business Administration Marketing Majors -(Honors)