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Botanical Research Pavilion

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This unique 10,800 sq ft pavilion is home to the Conservation Biological Research Lab; Landscaping & Horticultural Design Centre; and the Environmental Climate Change Lab. With a state-of-the art 1000 sq ft Auditorium, groups of up to 20 individuals can be accommodated for lectures, demonstrations and presentations.

Every Wednesday, from 1030h to 1330h, organized hourly tours led by research team members are offered. Private tours, conducted at the discretion of each department, can also be arranged by contacting the individual Research Department Heads.

Inspired by the Xerces Society, (a non-profit organization that has been protecting invertebrate wildlife in the US for over forty years), Cedar Rock's Conservation Biological Research Lab focuses on issues pertaining to the protection and preservation of local wildlife and their habitats. With the incorporation of Crown land surrounding Cedar Rock, it is intended that more threatened species of local vertebrates and invertebrates alike will be protected and studied responsibly.

For students and researchers looking to develop more sustainable, permacultural and other techniques that will improve the way we interact with and utilize our environmental resources, the Landscaping & Horticultural Design Centre will provide individuals with the hands on experience and a courtyard within which to demonstrate their skills and abilities throughout the year. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet the researchers and students, to discuss their current projects and ask questions pertaining to botany and landscaping architecture during the organized tours.

With all the local and global environmental and climatic challenges currently facing us now, and potential future generations, the Environmental Climate Change Lab will monitor, study, and provide the public, other institutions and governments with up to date, relevant information and responsible recommendations whenever possible on local and regional issues.

From snow storms, flash fires and tornados, to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, Cedar Rock's ECC Lab will be watching, learning, and informing so the most appropriate warnings, actions, and protocols can be implemented within the shortest periods of time necessary to protect lives, property, and the environment.