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In a continuous effort to provide individuals with healthier, sustainable, and pleasing designs, products, and services, fashion is a special area that is also being addressed by Cedar Rock.

Every culture throughout history has designed or incorporated clothing to meet the specific needs that arose from daily, work-related, religious, theatrical, or special activities. Today is no exception, especially with the increasing demand for and prevalence of new synthetic fabrics, dyes, recycled materials, and advancements in nano-technologies.

For many individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, serious health conditions and/or life-threatening allergies, synthetic or petroleum-based fabrics, toxic chemicals and dyes are known to exacerbate pre-existing conditions.
Cedar Rock Fashion & Design has made it their mandate to design, manufacture and/or provide healthier, certified organic, body-type suitable clothing that is not only comfortable and healthier to wear, but that is occasion, work, and age appropriate. No more unflattering, ill-fitting or dated garments.

Adaptive clothing will take on a new flare. Cedar Rock Fashion & Design's online store, "The Dressing Room" will offer healthier and stylish alternatives made of certified organic hemp and flax; organic Alpaca and Angora Mohair; and certified organic silk. The store will also endorse and wherever possible, provide healthier non-toxic footwear, jewellery and other accessories from select shops and designers. Watch for our launch in late 2015.

In an effort to reduce waste and protect the environment, all scraps of organic fabric used or manufactured by Cedar Rock Fashion & Design, will be recycled, and at the end of each year, local artisans will craft throws and patchwork quilts that will be auctioned off. Proceeds will go towards funding fashion & textile design programs and education.

To encourage new designers and students wanting to get into the healthier, organic fashion industry, Cedar Rock Fashion & Design plans to hold an annual "Make It Fit" Contest, whereby a monetary prize will be awarded for the best 17 designs submitted, and designers will have their names printed on labels, with their pieces manufactured, and ultimately sold from "The Dressing Room."

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