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Economic Goals

These build on the natural advantages of the area. Cedar Rock uses the land and human resources efficiently and effectively, to provide attractive employment opportunities and a sustainable revenue base for the Community.


Cedar Rock respects the natural areas and minimizes the impact of economic activities on the environment;

Cedar Rock promotes ecological and environmental healthy businesses and building practices;

Cedar Rock has a range of essential businesses and services located centrally to reduce the need for trips to outlying communities;

Cedar Rock has economic activities located strategically so that they can be best serviced by a sustainable transportation system that prioritizes the movement of people and goods;

Cedar Rock encourages alternative employment arrangements such as low-impact home based businesses;

Cedar Rock promotes technical training, advanced education, research and development;

Cedar Rock strives for a balanced tax base that provides the revenue necessary to support the community's sustainability goals;

Cedar Rock works towards a revenue base that balances commercial and residential property taxes.