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Environmental Goals

These demonstrate good stewardship of the land, water, air and infrastructure. Cedar Rock protects, preserves, and enhances the natural areas and ecosystems for current and future generations, by ensuring nature is accessible for all to enjoy.


Cedar Rock ensures that there will be no high density housing, thus eliminating the issues attributed to this development practice;

Cedar Rock protects existing forests and natural coverage, by protecting trees and native plant life, and removing invasive material;

Cedar Rock protects the ground water and aquatic ecosystems by ensuring no toxic contaminants are permitted on the site;

Cedar Rock protects the local air quality by eliminating presence of toxic chemicals and reducing the presence of volatile organic compounds;

Cedar Rock incorporates opportunities for natural areas and wildlife by protecting unique and valuable land forms and habitats;

Cedar Rock protects the land's integrity through the implementation of permacultural and regenerative agricultural practices;

Cedar Rock incorporates composting technologies to minimize solid and liquid waste;

Cedar Rock incorporates energy efficient, ecological technologies that are responsible, healthy and safe.