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Once a year, the Cedar Rock Conservatory Board of Directors selects specific themes for the floral displays in the Pavilion, and the resulting rotating exhibits of amazing colors, textures, and stunning settings last six to fourteen weeks.

Each exhibit is generally categorized as historical, cultural or fantasy in nature. Plants are selected specifically for each particular floral exhibit and grown in the Conservatory's Greenhouses, whenever possible. Potted flowers are changed as needed.

Visitors have an opportunity to purchase many of the same type of flowers from the Greenhouses to re-create inspirational points of interest in their own gardens, homes, or apartments, or to present as gifts.

A landscape architect, horticulturists, arborists, artists, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and volunteers work together to create each extraordinary exhibit, with the entire process taking up to two weeks to complete. As the props are all modular, they can be modified and reused. Visitors are then able to enjoy the ultimate experience of walking through an Italian villa; a Spanish hacienda; or even an English manor – all in the Cedar Rock locale.

These versatile settings permit artists and photographers a chance to capture Mother Nature at her best; for students to learn exciting facts about flowering plants; and for individuals to take a walk down memory lane, or create new memories.

Tours led by botanical and gardening experts are available by appointment.