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In 2016, Cedar Rock plans to launch one of the finest one-stop online shopping websites for custom furnishings and accessories that have been specifically designed and selected to address health concerns and design requirements of even the most discerning client.

Residents and tenants of Cedar Rock will have the option to rent or purchase custom furniture for their apartments or homes, thus ensuring that every piece they have will not off-gas, nor be manufactured using toxic materials. Visitors to the Cedar Rock Furniture By Design website will also have the opportunity to order custom pieces as well.

The care and workmanship reflected in each and every piece will provide years of lasting comfort, function and beauty. Given the choice of a variety of organic fabric selections, and several design options, there will be furniture packages of different price points from which to select pieces that best reflect each individuals' personal style and preference.

All upholstered and FSC certified maple furniture pieces made for Cedar Rock Furniture By Design use certified organic fabrics, dyes free of hormone-disrupting chemicals, non-toxic LOW to ZERO VOC adhesives, organic milk paints without titanium dioxide, and/or non-toxic finishes. Organic alpaca wool, GOL certified natural latex and/or certified organic hemp/flax fill are also used. No flame retardants, polyurethane foam or synthetic materials are incorporated.

At the end of the life cycle of every piece, for a small 'recycling fee' that is incorporated into the initial cost of each piece, the hardware is re-used and the rest of the furniture is composted or refurbished (whenever possible) into other stylish, functional pieces. It is Cedar Rock Furniture by Design's effort to ultimately ensure that there is no waste, and that the healthier furniture components can be recovered, reused, or recycled whenever possible to reduce impacts on the environment. Cedar Rock's Accent & Accessory Products

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