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All independent retail and business merchants, medical health providers, eco-hospitality specialists, educational instructors, and students will have an opportunity to participate in catering to the specific values and needs of Cedar Rock's inhabitants and visitors.

Only safe, healthy, non-toxic, non (man-made) VOCs, non petroleum-based, low EMF products and services will be available for use and consumption. Preference has been given to GOTS certified, Eco certified, Non-GMO certified products. Attention has been paid on incorporating building components that exceed LEED standards.

Healthy, alternative, non-toxic residential and commercial buildings will be erected (low-toxicity, select wood pre-fabs and rammed earth infrastructure with living garden and reciprocal roofing systems) to ensure little waste is generated. The buildings are energy efficient, self-sustaining, and require little, but careful maintenance.

Rainwater collection, snow harvesting, fog and dew harvesting, grey water re-use, composting, D/C current LED lighting, fiber optics, concentrated solar power, and lower electromagnetic fields are also incorporated into the overall design of Cedar Rock.

Educational instruction and apprenticeships will be available to residents and visiting students. Through partnerships with Cedar Rock's Community Association, and its Board of Directors, affiliated schools, colleges and universities can provide both innovative curriculum-based and interest-level courses and programs that focus on alternative construction techniques and methodologies; architectural design; pottery; art; textile design; organic/hydroponic gardening; environmental, climatic, medical, astronomical and ecological research.

In addition, cultural activities including music, art, dance, and theatre will be featured, as well as alternative treatments and therapies (such as music therapy, horticultural therapy, Yoga, and Tai Chi) for age-related illnesses, nutritional, and environmental health issues.

These programs are designed not only to enhance the residents' quality of life, they will serve as the building blocks to Cedar Rock's unique holistic approach to sustainability. St. John's Ambulance programs and fire prevention strategies will also be provided to ALL residents, students and businesses. This will ensure that the entire community will have training in First Aid, and CPR and fire protection– essential skills in keeping the community 's well being a priority.