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Education & Research

Cedar Rock is a proposed "healthy organic progressive ecological/ergonomic" community development project, that is intended to be a joint partnership between both the B.C. and the Federal governments, business, industry, accredited educational/ research institutions, and individuals interested in self-sufficient, sustainable non-toxic living environments.

Goals & Objectives

• Provide programs that are affiliated with accredited universities, colleges, and other educational institutions that promote health, healing, acceptance, and quality of life for aging individuals with MCS and other environmentally induced health conditions;

Proposed areas of study include: Culinary Arts, Health & Nutrition, Organic Furniture and Textile Design, Fine Arts, Conservation and Environmental Sciences, Wholistic and Conservational Medicine, Botanical & Astronomical Sciences, Dentistry, Ophthamology, Surgery, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, and Environmental Health;

• Increase awareness, education, research, and treatment of environmentally -induced health illnesses and disease;

• Provide opportunities for educational research and development in areas of product design, medical therapies, botanical research, and socio-cultural events and exhibits;

• Establish and promote ecologically responsible lifestyles and business activities;

• Encourage individuals to take an active role in enhancing their quality of living by supporting businesses and industries that provide only safe, non-toxic products and services;

• Offer annual awards & perpetual scholarships.


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