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Socio-Cultural Goals

These promote a safe, caring, engaged, and vibrant livable community, that has a sense of belonging, and that includes of all aspects of diversity. Cedar Rock provides a range of educational, recreational, cultural and employment opportunities, affordable and appropriate housing, transportation options, and personal, health and social services that are accessible to everyone.


Cedar Rock provides a range of accessible and affordable recreation, cultural and library services that respond to the needs and interests of its residents and visitors.

Cedar Rock promotes the development of a range of affordable and appropriate safe housing to meet the special needs of its residents.

Cedar Rock ensures that the community is completely accessible.

Cedar Rock works with other orders of government to ensure that high quality of health and social services are available to meet the needs of all its residents.

Cedar Rock is safe and secure.

Cedar Rock has a distinct identity.

Cedar Rock cultivates a community that is caring and compassionate, inclusive and respectful, allowing its residents to be involved and connected to it.

Cedar Rock incorporates high quality design, beautiful architecture, art, music, and esthetically pleasing environments.

Cedar Rock provides opportunities for individuals to become involved in civic issues, to ensure that the community is responsive and accountable to the needs of its residents.

Cedar Rock encourages and promotes accessible life-long learning opportunities ranging from childhood literacy and cultural programs to world-class post-secondary educational and research ventures.

Cedar Rock establishes major arts and cultural facilities in accessible locations, providing a range of entertainment opportunities throughout the community.

Cedar Rock promotes a variety of community celebrations and gatherings in connection with local events and festivals.