CedarRock Cedar Rock - Oasis for Quality Living | Oliver B.C

Statement of Goals

Cedar Rock presents a welcoming and inclusive environment for those individuals who are suffering under, and who are dissatisfied with the existing toxic living conditions and standards of medical care they are/are not currently receiving.

1. Cedar Rock provides the necessary enhanced, safe, ecological living conditions, working and social environments, that promote health, healing, acceptance, and quality of life for all individuals, - especially for those dealing with MCS and other environmentally induced health conditions.

2. Cedar Rock's mandate is to reduce the spread and impact of environmentally-induced health illnesses and disease through awareness, education, research, and treatment.

3. Cedar Rock provides opportunities for development and expansion in areas of education, product design, scientific research, medical therapies, botanical & horticultural research, socio-cultural events, and exhibits.

4. Cedar Rock is designed to promote self-sustainability, and self-sufficiency, to ensure the community co-exists harmoniously with the local environments.

5. Cedar Rock establishes and promotes ecologically responsible lifestyles and business activities.

6. Cedar Rock encourages individuals to take an active role in enhancing their quality of living by supporting businesses and industries that provide only safe, non-toxic products and services.

7. Residents of Cedar Rock take pride in participating when possible, and maintain the high wholistic standards of the community, as their own physical, financial, and social well-being are directly linked to its sustainability.

8. Cedar Rock provides an environmentally responsible mode of passenger transportation and goods movement that reduces exposure to toxic contaminants. It will be completely pedestrian, cyclist , and wheelchair accessible.

There are nine key areas important to Cedar Rock's community vitality:

Personal and economic security – affordable housing is necessary and homelessness is not a problem;

Physical space – the proposed 320 acres located on 189 Fir Road, near Rock Creek, B.C. will be designated strictly as pedestrian, cyclist, and wheelchair friendly. With a vibrant community core plaza, outdoor patios, water features and ergonomic gardens amid park-like/ecological grounds, essential goods and services will be provided, as well as independent and assisted-living facilities. The infrastructure and gardens will be inspired by European/Asian design, be self-sustainable, and kept beautiful (without the use of pesticides/herbicides). Cedar Rock will be distinct from other communities in the area;

Life-long learning – residents will have access to a variety of instructional modes; on-line; college; university; distance; and on site;

Community Health & Wellness – state of the art non-toxic health facilities/equipment are provided; compassionate and efficient care is the norm; a holistic team approach is utilized; emergency services are available; research into environmental and aging issues will be possible;

Community Innovation and Entrepreneurship – a diversity of employers caters to the specific needs of the community's residents and visitors;

Sense of Community – residents feel an important connection to the community and are proud of their surroundings and look after them; isolation and avoidance are no longer the only recourses for survival for individuals with environmentally-induced illnesses;

Leadership, Teamwork, Networking – there will be a good flow of information, respectful consultations and a volunteer programs allowing aging and disabled individuals to be appreciated, active participants in the community;

Arts, Culture, Heritage – there will be at least one "chemical-free" public festival annually to compliment Rock Creek's fair every September; eco-tourism will be prevalent; galleries, concerts, sculpture, dance, botanical exhibits, and educational seminars will be available to the public on a regular ongoing basis;

Environment – maintaining clean air; protecting non-toxic lands; implementing composting and effective waste disposal techniques; utilizing rainwater, snow, fog & dew harvesting technologies; re-using grey water; and reducing man-made electromagnetic fields are paramount.