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These 452 square foot Octagonal Magnesium Oxide Plaster Buildings serve as separate sleeping quarters (Bunkies) for visiting guests on the Magnolia mini-acreages.


Ease of construction/assembly and short building times (ie. Generally less than one week needed); all structures are four season; flame-protected metal shingles resemble cedar shake; meets Code requirements with engineered stamped drawings; utilizes local materials; less impact on the environment;

Water Purifiers – avoid use of chlorine, fluoride and other toxic chemicals for available water sources;

Solid Wood Cabinetry – no MDF, or particle board used; safest non-toxic FSC certified woods incorporated using special joinery, zero VOC hemp oil, beeswax finishes;

Green E- Board – best fire rating for interior walls/bathrooms; no paper; no mold issues; no silica; structurally sound- better than Hardiboard;

Natural Soapstone countertops and integrated sinks – no off-gassing; passive heat sink;

Porcelain Floor Tile – no off-gassing; no sealants required; ease of maintenance;

No solvent or VOC paints – no off-gassing; milk paint option;

Low voltage appliances; D/C current wherever possible; LED lighting; armored cables – avoids use of PVC, ABS plastics – the most toxic plastics made;

No petroleum-based fuels for heating – efficient use of electricity so as not to contribute to EMF-sensitivity; (ie. incorporating Direct hot water heaters; electrical floor heating);

Preservation of indoor air quality by eliminating petroleum-based materials;

No need for HVAC systems – structure designed for natural air exchange using ceiling fan;

Multi-functional and ergonomic designed living space and furniture available, using non-toxic materials;

Longevity of building; re-usability of all materials at end of life-cycle;

Small environmental foot-print.