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These 98 square foot Pentagonal Magnesium Oxide Plaster Buildings are used in conjunction with the Barakas and the Magnolias.


Ease of construction and short building times; meets Code requirements with stamped engineered drawings;

Cabinetry – no off-gassing; safest FSC certified materials incorporated; sustainable; reusable;

Green E- Board – best fire rating; no paper; no mold issues; no silica; structurally sound- better than Hardiboard;

Natural Soapstone – no off-gassing; passive heat sink;

Porcelain Tile – no off-gassing; no sealants required; ease of maintenance;

No solvent or VOC paints – no off-gassing; milk paint option;

Employs the use of composting techniques and water conservation and re-use;

No toxic plastics used in construction;

Small environmental foot-print.