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Tropical Pavilion

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With less than 7% of the Earth's land home to over 15 million species of plants and animals, tropical rainforests are some of the most productive and diverse. As more species are becoming extinct due to climatic and environmental changes, the importance of this ecosystem and the beneficial role it plays in maintaining the delicate balance of the planet as a whole, is brought to the attention of all visitors as they experience this microcosum.

The 10,800 sq ft pavilion is home to over 1,200 species of tropical plants and 1000 species of butterflies. From the lush green plants that have been frequently incorporated into our homes and offices; to the unique and unusual colorful flowering specimens that mesmerize even the most avid of gardeners – all plants are carefully displayed in vertical and horizontal displays, as they would likely be seen in their natural habitats, wherever possible. From the tiniest of ground covers; to the tallest "emergents," this pavilion is sure to inspire even the youngest budding gardener or naturalist.

Guests to the pavilion are reminded that the butterflies are wild, and not to be handled, except by the Pavilion caretakers. Mirrors are strategically placed, especially at all the entrances, to ensure there are no hitch-hikers leaving with you. Please don't hesitate to make a few shoulder checks as you continue onto the other domes – the beauty and camouflaging abilities of butterflies are astounding.