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Vision Statement

Welcome to Cedar Rock! As the first truly 'regenerative' community of its kind, Cedar Rock will provide individuals, businesses, industries, and governments with the blueprints and new standards that can potentially give future generations the best 'ingredients' for healthier lifestyles, and a unique opportunity to re-connect and live in a self-sufficient, non-toxic environment.

The intent of Cedar Rock is to provide all individuals, who are interested in quality of life issues - with an environment that addresses issues of sustainability, regeneration, and where leadership in scientific and medical research, health and well-being, education, socio-cultural development, and economically responsible living are encouraged. Consumption is reduced and serviceability increased; prevention is the main focus.

As it turns out, the area of Rock Creek British Columbia is the one area in Canada that still has the pristine qualities that can accommodate a self-contained community that can address the cyclic/environmentally-induced diseases that are spreading pandemically across the globe.

The site proposed for Cedar Rock permits the implementation of alternative and innovative adaptive solutions by incorporating as many local materials as possible; reviving old building techniques; enhancing various construction practices; using newer technologies; and implementing advanced conservation measures.

Based on given land restrictions, the ecology of Cedar Rock is preserved or enhanced, ensuring minimal damage to existing healthy plants and wildlife, and reduced exposure to any pre-existing harmful environmental presences.

Cedar Rock incorporates alternative energy sources, strives for sustainable agriculture, local food production, and water security.

In order to meet the unique needs of its residents and visitors, Cedar Rock's mandate is to provide only safe, healthy, non-toxic products and services that will allow the community to exist harmoniously within the surrounding environs, by minimizing/eliminating as many stressors as possible that are associated with environmental/chemical poisoning.

The Cedar Rock Sustainability Charter is a comprehensive, progressive, long-term visionary document. It outlines the rules and guidelines that all residents and visitors alike agree to follow and uphold, in order to maintain the safety and security of the community, as a whole. The potential of Cedar Rock to become a self-sustainable and flourishing community, makes it a leader in economical, ecological, and environmental adaptation.

By employing "better suited" sustainable building materials and techniques, rather than considering only the newest, most innovative, or widely advertised building product available, this project designer has critically evaluated every component considered, over the past eight years, in an attempt to combine health, safety, and environment issues into building designs that are also esthetically pleasant.

Using highly sensitive technology, new health parameters and scientific standards will be devised to ensure not only the well-being of the community's residents, but of all Canadians, especially as no Canadian standards currently exist, and international occupational/industrial standards currently being followed are inadequate, especially when it pertains to designing around human health issues.

Reducing the presence of toxic chemicals, throughout the building process, ensures that our communities are not just utilizing limited resources without thought, but are minimizing the damage created by building. The impact of choice is a far-reaching one – a single option can detrimentally affect the well being of all inhabitants, no matter how close or far away.

The "Reuse and Recyle" practice is showing not to be conducive to enhancing human health, as existing toxic chemicals are altered during re-processing, and in many situations, the "new products" cause more harm to individuals, then the products they replaced. Caution needs to be exercised especially in this area – just because items are labeled "environmentally friendly" does not make these items desirable or even suitable for healthy home construction, or use.

Many of the products and solutions selected may prove to be a step in the right direction. They could be considered as the basis for "minimum Building and Health Code requirements", and not regarded solely as possible upgrades to existing construction methods and products. Ultimately, Cedar Rock will demonstrate that everyone can, and has a responsibility to become part of the solution by incorporating even the smallest of changes. We all can have a positive impact – H.O.P.E. is possible