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Where is Cedar Rock

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Cedar Rock: Fir Road (320 acres): This site has been carefully selected and specially designed to address the specific issues surrounding environmentally-induced, cyclic conditions like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's and moderate Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

As the property is semi-isolated, has water on the property, is devoid of oil and gas pipelines/wells, presents with good air quality, and is free of cell towers and wi-fi/smart meters, it is these attributes- in concert with a pristine mountainous venue, that make it one of Canada's most feasible locations for this type of specialized development.

Electrical will be routed below ground using specially insulated conduit with DC current being the most prevalent format of electricity distribution. There are no cell-towers, or smart meters in the vicinity, and cell phones and wi-fi equipment will not be permitted. With the incorporation of the adjacent Provincial Crown land as an Ecological Map Reserve/Conservation Area, this will ensure residents are protected even more.

Composting, rainwater collection, snow/fog harvesting and grey-water reuse will compliment concentrated solar power.

The site is accessible by Highway 33 and Highway 3, via a maintained gravel easement road.

Due to the presence of uranium in the area, digging below 200 feet will not be permitted, and all buildings will be built on Cera Tech (pozzolonic volcanic ash) slab-on-grade foundations, to reduce damage to the topography.

The undeveloped land around the Plaza and buildings will be maintained to remain in a healthy natural state, using organic methods of pest control.

Japanese terraced gardens and eco/ergonomically- designed gardens will enhance the biodiversity of the area, ensuring that no invasive plant species are present, and existing ones removed.